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Making Accordian Books


I want to share wtih you this incredibly simple how-to video on making a small book that unfolds like an accordion.  The pages of the book can feature a specific learning theme, like colours or numbers. The format can also be adapted to make a keepsake book of photographs.

        The project calls for materials that are readily available, including regular paper, index cards, transparent tape, glue and ribbon.

Let me know how you will use this idea in your class.


Foundations class makes books


Today my Foundation Phase class  made accordian books. First they matched flashcards of furniture pictures and words. They then glued the flashcards to the index cards (a bit of a challenge at my level; some were glued on upside down or off to the side). We made the accordian strip from half sheets of legal sized paper which we taped together to form a long strip. The most challenging part was doing the accordian fold. The end product looks great and the learners were pleased. I almost want to do it again with a different set of flashcards to utilize that learning curve. Fun and a nice product.


Thanks for sharing this Val!

Thanks for sharing this Val! I am thrilled that you were inspired to do this with your Foundation Phase class.

Has anyone else tried this activity?

Making books

This will be great when working with learners on vocabulary or LEA stories!  If you like making books with your learners, here's a link to some ideas for making books  Click on "make your own book" and then select one of the choices.  I have used the mini book with my learners.  They're fun and they work well.

Thanks for the website link

Thanks for the website link Jenn. I like the easy-to-follow instructions.

I also really like your idea of using the accordian books for LEA stories. Great idea!

Accordian book

What a good idea. I think I am going to make some of these booklets with my learners. I am just thinking how I might use it for our current topic of daily routines. Hmmm... perhaps I will include a visual on the cue cards.

I look forward to hearing

I look forward to hearing about how this goes Val. Will you take some photos of the book making process?

accordian books

We'll try this later this week or early next week and take some photos. I will post them when we do it.